Limiting beliefs: 3 Actionable Steps To Grow (That Work Fast)

Limiting beliefs
Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs, In this post, I have discussed effective steps to help you get rid of the beliefs that are holding you back from achieving bigger success in life.

What if you can follow some easy steps to eliminate those thought patterns which are putting a limit on your actions that will lead your life towards betterment.

Here it is 3 actionable steps to get rid of limiting beliefs of your life.

Limiting Beliefs

Table Of Content

  • How to get rid of limiting beliefs?
  • Examples of limiting beliefs.
  • Where do these come from?
  • Consequences of limiting beliefs!
  • How limiting belief affects behavior?

How to get rid of limiting beliefs?

How to stop limiting beliefs? clearing limiting beliefs technique.

  1. Identify them: You should regularly examine your thoughts which become a concrete hurdle in your way, as soon as you identify them, then make a note of them and challenge them.

2. Create a new belief or affirmation: You do not want to hold the negative beliefs any longer but you must choose a set of new beliefs instead as a result your new beliefs should reflect the way you want to be, love is a tool which I use to benefit myself. I deserve to be wealthy and I committed to using my complete wealth to all my loved ones.

3. Visualize: Whenever you have a couple of spare time then the best recommendation is, visualize your beliefs, new lifestyle, enjoyments, and sensation that come with a new experience. This type of visualization helps you to embed the new belief in your subconscious mind.

Examples of limiting beliefs.

There are many examples of it, often they are two types, first is general and second is specific.

Specific beliefs are those beliefs that relate to specific areas of life; it comprises money, family, work, health, and fitness. And general limiting beliefs are those beliefs when others compel or tempt us to follow a particular course of action.

There are some examples of it that you can correlate with your real life

“I don’t want people to think about me that I am “ ( Chose any negative word here)
“I am still dependent on my family.”
“I don’t trust myself”
“I should probably die, let’s give up”
“My life is not in my control”
“I am not
” (Smart, Fit, Handsome and tall)
“Who will marry me”
“I am a bloody loser”

Where do these come from?

How are the beliefs formed? Beliefs can come from a plethora of places including batch mates, office mates, parents, and family members even the root is society as there is a lack of knowledge in, what is real and what is fake.

“Nothing stops you except your thoughts, No one stops you except your fear and if you are getting affected by this then you have mindset limiting beliefs.

Consequences of limiting beliefs!

The consequences of limiting beliefs are worst, it causes you or compels you to live below your potential. If there is an element that weighs 20 Kilograms but you believed that it weighs 200 kilograms, you might not even try to lift it, because of the thought that you can’t. These beliefs make you looser and cause you less productive.

How limiting belief affects behavior?

1) Limiting beliefs limit people’s potential and productivity: These beliefs affect behavior by stopping people from taking certain actions. An intelligent girl might never study and fail in the exam if she thinks that she is not intelligent.

2) Belief shapes reality: If a guy thinks that he cannot pass the interview then most probably he will not be able to pass the interview because he already makes up his mind about his failure. If he thinks so then the mind will act accordingly. That is how it shapes reality.

3) Beliefs and self-confidence: Self-confidence is nothing just a group of beliefs that you made with yourself. if your beliefs are positive then you will become positive and behave positive and if your beliefs are negative then you will behave like a devil.

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