Eliminate destructive state of mind

state of mind
state of mind

The state of mind refers to the thought patterns that validate your feelings of being superior or inferior and we consider that autopilot state.

It makes you feel what you are capable of or what you are not capable of.

There are types of this and there are different stages and few of them could be harmful to some extent, if not for your well being.

Your current state of mind determines, what you are feeling about something or someone or even about your own personality.

This process decides your intention to take action for something be it minor or major.

There are two types of thinking, that are well introduced. Conscious thinking and subconscious thinking.

Initially, your sub-conscious thinking has the entire control over the actions you are taking.

It is also referred to as autopilot mode or autopilot state of mind, where you are not required to give it an effort certainly,

you just automatically go in this mode and your state of mind changes without even you know about this and the reason is a consistent pattern of thoughts has ingrained in your subconscious brain.

and slowly this pattern became hard-wired in your sub-conscious mind due to the consistency of the same thoughts.

This pattern can be about yourself, be it your personality, your flaws, your features or anything else.

When we decide to take action to break this pattern, that is when conscious thinking takes the lead.

Conscious thinking is nothing but a very potential effort to break the subconscious thought pattern or eliminate the auto-pilot mode.

state of mind

Recognizing the state of mind

It’s important to recognize your state of mind psychology before putting conscious thinking into action.

Recognizing your state of mind refers to being aware of your thoughts of auto-pilot mode and converting them into conscious thoughts, that bring conscious thinking into the picture.

Your concentration defines if you are in auto-pilot mode or consciously thinking about something.

Your inner voice speaking to you is referred to as your state of mind. Focus on your voice internally or focus on external things.

This choice is yours. The moment you start thinking about external things going on around you, you are a golden state of mind meaning,

You are automatically out of the auto-pilot mode and that changes your transition state of mind because now the thoughts are not about the internal things, which is the part of your conscious thinking.

This entire information is also related to other factors such as procrastination, peace of mind and mental health.

4 ways to bring a golden state of mind meaning in life.

  1. Being aware of your regular thought pattern because most probably you are getting the same thoughts, that you got yesterday and day before yesterday. That means you are repeating the same process every day.

2. After being aware of your thought pattern or state of mind, make a decision to consciously focus on external things.

3. Your thought patterns define your characteristics, so consciously think about your future steps to get succeeded and be optimistic, if focusing on external things is difficult and change your state.

4. As mentioned in the above statement your thought patterns define your characteristics and personality,

therefore when you become optimistic and think consciously about your past achievements then accordingly you take actions with a positive mindset, that defines your personality.

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